Meeting & Events

Shared Experiences Allow us to Build Connections

In a world becoming increasingly digital dependent, face – to – face experiences have more influence than ever – they’re less common , however more memorable, and powerful.

Successful companies leverage the power of experience to connect with custo mers, grow competitive advantage, and most importantly create an enjoyable culture and productive working environment – At ROAM, we make this possible.

We Bring
People Together

Carefully constructed meetings or events possess the ability to accelerate company aspirations anddrive creativity. By aligning with ROAM , you’ll deliver experiences that create partnerships.

Our customised events approach combines the rare combination
of people , imagination, and technology, that produce experiences aimed at achieving corporate goals and ROI.

Meeting Management

Identify and analyse the value of your meeting expenditure.
Gain insight to help you recognise the importance of high – quality meetings through reported data that strengthens your bottom line and the essence of your company.

We work with you to determine a strategy and budget, that aligns with your meeting management plans and objectives.
Everything from venue sourcing, attendee guidance and payment reconciliation – ROAM will take care of it.

Event Planning

ROAM also has significant experience in the events field.
Offering an end – to – end service heavily driven by technology and strategic logistic al planning , to ensure your event goals are achieved…….& more.

Get the most out of your event expenditure the rough reported return on investment, allowing for strategic and financial forecasting. Providing 24/7 support, ROAM can integrate a broad range of engagements and social projects into your events curriculum

Venue Procurement

Our team conduct considerable research into sourcing the perfect venue for your meeting, conference, or event. Continuously seeking opportunities to enhance your event program to give you a competitive edge.
With budget constraints in mind, our Global Network

Will ensure competitive rates and certify a cost – effective solution.

Let us plan your next corporate meeting or event!